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Another Story Lyrics
Everybody  sayin william p is changing But I remain focused  my family still waiting Alotta critics out my city all debating If I ain’t the King that throan I must over take it I’m in a position where most don’t even make it Stripped of almost everything but no I wasn’t naked I thought it then i dreamed it Fought back then I came with Pen game laced it Mixtapes for the ages Real talk they all slept on me without a blanket Still I believed and sent prayers to the angels Gained alotta fans so to the lord yes I thank you aware of the devils ways know he’s out to break you ppl only build you just to see if they can blame you Then u left with fake friends like them girls in high school Ughh Just know I ain’t the 1 to doubt I’m gonna say I told u so when the cameras out


Another story yeah Another story The perfect ending is up to me daamn I want the glory Another story yeah Another story Gotta push myself to get it already KNOWIN

U want autographs simple things I dream about Feel I’m on the right path to quit is only on myself As the days grow longer These nights come darker Thinkin in my head can it be harder 1 mans past can make another man smarter Season after season ma nigga I’m the author Talk alotta slang and I speak it so proper The way that I’m preaching I deserve a offer I ain’t bout Drugs & I don’t talk bout my chopper And I be running tracks, now give me my metal My life is a movie, sit back eat some kettle Its All Black everything feelin like a rebel Keys to the city Keys open doors No it’s not coke it’s these raps they applaud Ridin thru city screaming ball so hard Bout to pull a Kanye they don’t deserve that award

(Hook x2)

Im waking up hoping everyday is different just know if it isn’t Another hope missin It’s hard tell loved ones to they face it’s gon happen So they remain patient as u up late rappin Knowing in this world how many niggaz want be rappers When I say I’m the best feel I deserve that caption yeah Swear nothin ever handed to me I Earned it on my own Love when the odds against me Say Imma be famous they used to laugh at me Now the Jokes on them they respect me like family Livin out a dream was it my cousins tho That’s why I never scheme You reap what u soe (Hook x2)

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New Willy P Episode is in Progress.